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Prag an der frischen Luft

03.09.2015: Die letzten warmen Sonnentage des Jahres warten im Herbst auf uns. Wenn Sie jetzt nach Prag fahren, finden Sie hier Tipps von Prague-Up & Coming, wo man in Prag im Freien besonders schöne Momente verbringen kann.

Hello Berlin!

It´s almost the end of the summer but the weather is still so nice. That is why I would like to invite You for a trip to Prague. Why? It is just "behind the corner" and it will definitely surprise You. Unusual projects and unique places are opening up to enrich the city. Increased interest in public space and one’s neighbourhood are really popular lately. So this time we are going to explore different open-air venues.

Prague-Up & Coming is the guide that helps you navigate between the most interesting places and events. It is for those who look for guarantee of unique experience. Photographs are the basis. Of course you can switch to the English version. The website www.prague-up.com is ideal for those who don’t want to miss the real atmosphere of the city and like to discover it on their own.

My name is Eva. I´m a freelance photographer and also an author of this project. After 1 year I realised that there is a need for new website. Two enthusiasts helped me to create a new draft that will be more user friendly and brings various benefits. If You like the project You can support it via the crowdfunding campaign on HitHit. Big thanks.


Open-Air cinema Smichov
First open-air cinema in Prague. And finally the other side of river discovered. It is a real oasis compared to overcrowded Naplavka. By watching the film You may enjoy great scenery – Vysehrad and photogenic train bridge. Daily films in original version with subtitles.


Hightlight of this season. The name is aftre the statue that is fortunatelly not any more here. It was for long time a quite underused venue.  A container, beach seats, lanterns changed the concrete mass to a pleasant place where you can just hang out, observe the people or enjoy the beautiful view on the whole Prague. Dj sessions, summer cinema, workshops and others are also on programme.


Freight Station Zizkov
Unique complex. You may spend here the whole day and you don´t get bored. Fully equipped bar, delicious coffe, seating on rail trucks, exhibitions, concerts, theatre or summer cinema. You may come across various discussions about the public space or you may come to dance tango here. You will definitely want to come again.


Café Neustadt
Courtyard of the new Town Hall hides a cosy café and a club at the same time. You always see what is happening inside and outside thanks to the huge glass wall. Poeople come here to work, to relax or play piano J



Chemistry Gallery
Modern gallery near to Vltavska metro station. Popular exhibition openings take place in the neighbourhoud of a trunk road. Clubs Podnik and Neone are other two neighbours. Sometimes it happens that the surrounding of common building is packed with lots of young people. Djs care for music and street food trucks for food.


Forgotten villa on Stvanice island. Normally basement for theatre. It works as a café during summer, there is a swing on a tree in front of the villa. Really relaxing with lots of green. Unformal happenings with local djs became very popular. And right here Prague-Up celebrated 1 year. It was really a nice garden party.