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Kulinarische Entdeckungen in Prag

09.10.2015: Die Zeit der Foodmarkets unter freiem Himmel ist auch in Prag vorbei, aber trotzdem gibt es für Gaumen und Magen noch so einiges zu entdecken. Prague-Up & Coming hat da ein paar Empfehlungen.

Hallo Berlin again after 1 month!

The summer holiday is over and the popular summer open-air venues slowly close.

And also the crowdfunding campaign on HitHit finished – and successfully!

Prague-Up managed to raise money for a new website so if You plan to visit Prague in near future You can look forward to it. This picture guide is ideal for those who don´t want to miss the right atmosphere of city and like to discover it on their own. Domain www.prague-up.com remains the same but design will be new and moreover it will be more user-friendly and it will bring You more fun. And what else can You enjoy?

  • initial page enriched by news and favourite tips
  • places and events displayed directly on a map
  • a new criteria-based search added
  • upcoming events and photo reports included in separate place profiles
  • better organised event calendar with possibility to filter
  • extra link to each event so that you can share with friends
  • become part of it, evaluate, get benefits!

But now let us move to the main topic of this article and it is the food. People start to think more about quality and variety too. This was proved by numerous food market all around Prague this summer. But also regular places don´t stand behind. The choice is wide – from pop-up restaurants on unusual venues, various fresh bistros, raw and vegan restaurants to international cuisines. Below You find few interesting tips.


„Plevel“ means „Weeds“. It was one of the first vegan restaurants in Prague. It is based in Krymska Street, Prague´s Kreuzberg. Althought the restaurant has 2 floors, it has a real familiar atmosphere, walls are cover with floral ornaments and You see a bunch of fresh flowers on each table. All the food is either in vegan or raw quality and you can order whatever you like from spaghetti, hamburger, goulash to the Czech traditional  tenderloin.


Traditionl open-face sandwiches a bit differently! No mayo or heavy potato salad as it used to be but always fresh, seasonal and unusual combinations. Shrimps, beetroot, celery, avocado, fennel, tartar and there is  also a new curiosity, a sandwiche according to Czech classic with a dumpling – pork – cabbage taste. Delicious and original soups are served every day as well.


Tino and Ivona are 2 Slovak who travelled all around the world to bring the best back to Prague. Few renowned chefs and several friends made the team and started to prepare gourmet pop-up parties. Venue and menu are secret till the last hour but high gastronomy and perfect matching of wine to food guarantee really unique experience. And unusual locations like skatepark, furniture warehouse etc. are another bonus.


It is about a metal legend, the French Citroën HY, parking mainly on farmer´s markets or on other events. Or You can hire it for a private party. They serve legendary hamburgers alá flank steak or vege burgers with grilled paprika and sauce from mint and baked garlic.