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29.03.2019 20:00

WWW – wilhelmstr./electronic

The Prague outfit WWW returned 2018 after five long years with the Album Neutopíš se dvakrát v téže řece (2018, BiggBoss, translated: You don’t drown twice in the same river). At the Café Ahoj at the Czech Centre Berlin WWW present not only their new album, but also some of the German and English translations of their playful lyrics.

WWW were among the first to experiment with rap in post-communist Czechoslovakia, but soon found their very own distinctive language and sound, which makes it hard to classify them to music genres, ranging from hip hop to electro. Lubomír Typlt’s ruminating and unhappy but poetic lyrics full of word-play by, commenting on and criticizing our society, gain further dimensions by the music arrangements and the performance of frontman Ondřej “Sifon” Anděra. The uninvolved, but urgent tone of Sifon’s raps combined with the cold electronical and industrial music evokes feelings of insecurity and anxiety. This gloomy atmosphere is accompanied by the metallic voice of Milesa Zrnić Anděra.

After WWW unexpectedly spilt up in 2000 to spend more time on their other projects, their return after six years with their first ever album Neurobeat (2006, BiggBoss) came as a big surprise. They aimed high and adressed not only listeners across different music styles, but also critics. Regarding their lyrics as well as their music WWW belong to the most interesting projects of the Czech alternative scene, and their latest album Neutopíš se dvakrát v téže řece only proves this.

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You finde WWW on soundcloud, bandzone, facebook and youtube.



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Wilhelmstraße 44 / Eingang Mohrenstraße
10117 Berlin


29.03.2019 20:00


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