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10.01.2020 20:00

Tomáš Palucha ~ wilhelmstr./(un)plugged

The concert series wilhelmstr. starts off the new year with an ambient concert of the Tomáš Palucha project. The band – its name combines the surnames of its central and founding duo Jan Tomáš and Libor Palucha – has a changing number of members and relies on the creative encounters of friendly musicians. While on their latest album they presented themselves with a stabilized formation of four, in the Czech Centre Berlin they will play a gig without drums in the guitar formation of Palucha, Tomáš, Vondra.

Although both founding members have their musical roots in rather loud, hard and rapid bands of the DIY punk/hardcore scene (e.g. Gospel of The Future, Thema Eleven, Mother), in 2012 they started together a new project, focusing on more minimalist music, based on atmosphere and the magic of unfinished tales. The music in contemplative speed develops freely on inconspicuous motives, sneaking in hypnotic steps to passages of noise.

Magnificent, imaginative and unrestricted music isn’t bound by genres or dogmas. Dreamy and intertwining lines, split chords and sort of sad atmosphere are accompanied at their concerts by distinctive projections, with a relaxing and cleansing effect. The additions to the the permanent band members of Tomáš Palucha brought about a discernible change in their creations. Mighty riffs, original but without needless breakneck complexity, complement more and more the minimalist dialogue of two guitars.

The band released several albums, the last two are the LP Guru (Silver Rocket, 2016), a collaboration of Palucha and Tomáš with 18 musicians, and Čaro (Day After Records, 2018), recorded already in the formation of four. Both releases were reviewed enthusiastically and the last one is already claimed by critics to be a cult recording of the Czech independent scene.

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Wilhelmstraße 44 / Eingang Mohrenstraße
10117 Berlin


10.01.2020 20:00


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