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22.05.2018 19:00

Science Café: Anxiety, Rituals and Religion

How to cope with anxiety? The Czech religious scholar Martin Lang could give us an answer since he found the link between anxiety and rituals. In his research, for which he recieved a Neuron Impuls grant in 2017, he proved that in times of stress, people often turn to repetitive behaviour because it gives them a sense of control over an uncertain situation. Saying a prayer or performing a familiar ritual might help reduce anxiety. Rituals play an important role in every culture. Beside anxiety alleviation, they forge group identities, support group cohesion and build trust within communities. The young scientist will introduce his study of rituals and ritualization in laboratory and field settings, which he conducted at University of Connecticut, Harvard University, on Mauritius and currently at the Masaryk University in Brno.

Science Café is a series of popular science presentations and talks by the best Czech scientists of today. It is organized by the Czech Centre Berlin, the Czexperts Network and the Neuron Foundation, Prague. Each year the Neuron Foundation gives out the Neuron Impulse grants to outstanding basic research projects and celebrates the best scientists with the Neuron Awards.

The talk and the discussion will be in English.

Admission free



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22.05.2018 19:00


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