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03.11.2016 19:00

Pavel Karous: Predators and Flamingos

How did the expressions of fine art in exterior spaces develop after 1989 in the Czech Republic? After the successful project “Aliens and Herons” about fine art in exterior spaces in Czechoslovakia in the 1970s and 1980s, Pavel Karous addresses the question of temporary visual art in exterior spaces. He describes a crisis of official public structures in supporting monumental art for architecture and tries to find and understand its causes. The lecture is the first of the Czech centre’s new series “Interventions in Architecture”.

The lecture focuses on the development of post 1989 fine art expressions in exterior spaces. It deals with the crisis of official national structures supporting monumental art in architecture and tries to find and understand its cause. The focus of this lecture then shifts to unofficial, illegal and committed interventions into urban public spaces, seen as unavoidable consequence of the crisis. Our analysis focuses on objects in the urban landscape; it deliberately excludes mapping, and touches only briefly on graffiti art. The lecture concludes with a search for ways to stop the decline in art in public spaces.

The lecture will be in English.

Pavel Karous (*1979) is a visual artist, mainly of site specific installations and interventions in exterior spaces. His book “Vetřelci a volavky” / “Trespassers and Herons” about fine art in exterior spaces in Czechoslovakia in the 1970s and 1980s was awarded the first prize in the competition Nejkrásnější kniha roku 2013 (Most beautiful book of 2013) in the category for specialist literature and an honourable mention in the international competition Best Book Design From All Over The World (Stiftung Buchkunst). Since 2013 he is head of the studio for sculptures at the School for contemporary art – Scholastika in Prague.

The aim of the new series “Interventions in Architecture” is to make the audience in Berlin acquainted with interesting architectural ensembles, discussions about reconstructions, revitalisations and other invasions in the architectural as well as urban and public space in the Czech Republic. Many Czech towns and places experienced a long historic development, which is reflected in their architectural tradition. Contrary to German towns and cities, especially Berlin, they were not destroyed during the war and so every change today is an intervention in an ensemble, which is several centuries old. The events of the series present a selection of architectural interventions from different places in the Czech Republic as well as from different historical, political and social eras.

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03.11.2016 19:00


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