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03.07.2014 19:00

Pavla Jonssonová: Czech Alternative Music in Transition since 1989

In the 1980s the alternative music scene in Czechoslovakia thrived as resistance to the mainstream ideological culture. The change of the regime in 1989 ended a historical period of its underground existence and brought its music shortly to the forefront with the establishing of labels, recording studios, rock clubs, music shops and radio stations. Czech bands started to tour the world, to be signed up to major labels, appeared on Czech TV in numerous documentaries and live shows, but they lost the pre-1989 heroic activist appeal.

The lecture will focus on the trajectory of rise and fall and slow fragmentation of the alternative scene, depicting in videos some of the highlights of bands like Už jsme doma and Zuby nehty.

Pavla Jonssonová was a bass player with the bands Dybbuk, Plyn and Zuby nehty; today she lectures Cultural Studies at the Charles University of Prague.

After approximately 8 pm the first part of the evening will be followed by the legendary documentary Hudba 85 that introduces Czech bands existing 1985 on the verge of legality and illegality - nobody knew how long they would survive. The documentary contains clips and concert recordings of the bands Garáž, Dybbuk, Krásné nové stroje, Nahoru po schodišti dolů, Babalet, Mama Bubo, Precedens.

Lecture in English

Admission free


Wilhelmstraße 44 / Eingang Mohrenstraße
10117 Berlin


03.07.2014 19:00


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