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25.05.2018 20:00

François Svalis //\\ Hör dich glücklich

Czech producer François Svalis will encompass us in the May concert of the series Hör dich glücklich with pulsing electronics full of emotion. He already shared the stage with the British magus Max Cooper, Icelandic Vök and Goldfrapp and his ambitious fusion of ambient electro, techno and deep house has received great reviews from music critics as well. Svalis together with the generation of like-minded artists in Europe is struggling to push the borders of electronic music towards live performance based on speed and dexterity rather than on computer prepared loops.

Concerts of the progressive artist remind us of shamanic rituals and this mystical experience will not pass by the TZB, which will witness more listenable and experimental music of the Olomouc-based artist who makes up music on the spot, here and now. Carpets will transform into moss and our mind will flow on the music waves far beyond the borders of the busy city jungle. As Francois says, he is trying to show people the perfection of silence.

Spiritual seeker, wanderer at the foot of the highest mountains and in the crowns of the tallest trees, where the 26-year-old François Svalis finds his inspiration and comes to the conviction that nature plays better than him. His ideal and goal is to bring people through music into the woods. The busy start of his activities full of live concerts in the beginning of this year proves that Svalis´ performance of the murmur of trees and singing of birds is also very attractive for listeners.         

After a number of concerts in Poland, Germany and the Czech Republic, Svalis now finds himself in a quieter mode focusing on his first LP, which should be released at the end of the year. He cooperates with labels such as Berlin-based Amselcom, Keller, Circle of Us, Toronto-based Dream club, Swedish Thathard Magazine and Russian Space Shore.   

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25.05.2018 20:00


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