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23.02.2018 19:00

Genot Centre showcase //\\ Hör dich glücklich

Genot Centre presents an evening-wide label showcase programme within a series of listening concerts „Hör dich glücklich“. Functioning as a sort of locally embedded incubator in the form of various musical actions and cassette releases, the Prague-based Genot Centre collective plays a crucial role in the local experimental music scene, orchestrating new collaborations and making disparate scenes collide in various ways. This event at the Czech Centre includes a rare performance by London-based club-informed sound technologist Dane Law (Quantum Natives, Conditional, Astral Plane) and further performances by Prague-based collective members Enchanted Lands and Mango Object will take place. Frequent Genot Centre collaborator Tereza Bartůňková will scenographically augment the concert space in the brutalist architecture masterpiece by Věra & Vladimír Machonin.

Genot Centre is a Prague-based cassette label and concert organizer. Both as a label and as an organizer, Genot Centre focuses on material at the crossroads of post-ambient, fourth world, club and post internet sounds to put the spotlight on future facing approaches. At the end of 2k17, Genot Centre was nominated for a Vinyla award in the category "Achievement of the year" and the label was declared tape label of the year on the Quietus.

"Hör dich glücklich" is a new concerts series, where alternative Czech musicians are presented in an informal, relaxed and intimate atmosphere of the hall equipped with mattresses, pillows, and blankets, in which listeners are free to lie down, relax or even sleep, whilst becoming a part of the artistic act being created.

Dane Law is a London-based producer and music technologist deeply embedded in the in, collaborating with assorted collectives including Genot Centre, Quantum Natives and Berlin-based Conditional. His musical output is self-described as “Digital Shoegaze” and his far-reaching software-powered processing techniques result in the radical re-assembly of familiar sounds ranging anywhere from euphoric dance classics to harp-powered Céline Dion odes.

Enchanted Lands is the project of Genot Centre collective member Barbora Polcerová. Her recently released debut cassette “Feed Goals” explores collage techniques, soundscaping and sampling from unconventional angles, resulting in a sound that is strangely informed phenomena such as ASMR, trance music and cybertwee aesthetics. The album was nominated twice for a Vinyla award, in the categories "newcomer of the year" and "album of the year".

Mango Object is a sound design project by Genot Centre co-founder Wim Dehaen exploring the possibilities of new synthesis techniques. Consciously stripped of dry, academic or technical elements, these sounds are presented as something that can instead be quirky, surprising and playful.

Tereza Bartůňková is a frequent collaborator of Genot Centre and is the house scenographer and set designer of Silent_Night, the series of overnight sleeping concerts organized by Genot Centre. Additionally, her visual work has been featured in the work of the acclaimed Iranian sound artist Siavash Amini.

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Wilhelmstraße 44 / Eingang Mohrenstraße
10117 Berlin


23.02.2018 19:00


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