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02.11.2018 18:00

AWALI - wilhelmstr./electronic + Synth Library

Dreamy electronic music by talented Prague-based female producer and multi-instrumentalist Awali + presentations and discussion with musicians and organizers from the Czech and German electronic music scene

Awali is the project of Prague-based musician, singer, producer and composer Tamara Shmidt (UA/CZ). Although she studied classical piano, singing and choral conducting, she made her mark in the Czech electronic music scene. Her music is an ethereal mixture of soft vocals, synthesizer and musical experiments, a dreamy mix full of fresh and refreshing sounds. Tamara’s compositions stand out because of her holistic approach, which contributes to the overall authenticity of her expression.

Ad Astra (2018) is her last album so far and from composition, arrangement and vocals to production, electronics, field recordings and the mix itself the work of one person, the talented Awali. On the new album she is discernibly more positive than on the previous darker albums. She herself compares it to a spring morning, when it’s not really warm yet but the sun is already shining. And while in her earlier works vocals were dominating, Ad Astra is more instrumental. It’s an album full of hope, not only because of its optimistic title “To the Stars”, the way the producer’s career will hopefully turn.

Awali on bandcamp

The concert will be preceded by a follow up of the last @Kreaton Meet-up, this time lead by Synth Library Prague and Ableton User Group Berlin. Mary C and Donna Maya invited various musicians and organizers to present their art and initiatives and to discuss supporting art, organizing, breaking of stereotypes, fundraising etc.

18:00 - 20:00 JOIN US presentations and short lectures
20: 00 - 21:00 LET'S TALK Panel Discussion
21:00 - 22:00 CONCERT Awali

Presentations / short lectures

Donna Maya (Ableton User Group Berlin): How to initiate and organize sustainable community building projects
The Berlin based producer, theremin player and sound artist is an active member of the network female:pressure from the very beginning and supports many initiatives and workshops to promote women in electronic music. She became the first female Ableton certified trainer and is co-founder of the Ableton user group Berlin. Donna Maya will present some successful examples for community networks as well as will talk about the idea behind her all-female producers collective called „minutektiv“.

Mary C and Alissa DeRubeis: Synth Library Prague
Musicians, music educators and curators, co-founders of Synth Library Portland and Prague will introduce the aims of the projects. The Synth Library has weekly open hours inviting anyone to approach the instruments in their own way and provides various workshops and lectures. One of the main goals of Synth Library Prague is supporting diversity and deep listening. Thus they joined Feminist (Art) Institution initiative and their code of conduct written by members of art institution’s network tranzit.cz

Polina Khatsenka aka mudʌki
Sound artist studying Time-Based Media at FUD UJEP in Ústí nad Labem will introduce the project phonon, a concert series she started organizing with two of her friends. phonon presents all night spacial sound deep listening experience, bringing together prolific local and foreign sound artists.

Zuzana Přikrylová (Common Ground, Meet-Up Berlin)
Berlin based music journalist, musician and community organizer recently started collaborating with Common Ground, curating workshops and helping with running the community electronic maker lab and open workspace. Since 2016 she also co-organize events of Meetup Berlin focused on female-indentified and LGBTQ* artists in electronic music.

Musicians and organisers from the Czech and German electronic music scene will discuss the building and supporting of a community, introducing new ideas, breaking stereotypes and handling organizational skills while staying sane.
Guests: Donna Maya, Alissa DeRubeis, Polina Khatsenko, Zuzana Přikrylová

You can find the podcasts here: https://www.soundtier.com/tschechisches-zentrum-berlin/kreaton-meetup-part1


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02.11.2018 18:00


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