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14.05.2018 19:00

archint x KRUH: Czech Architecture 2016−2017

Marcela Steinbachová, Architect of the Year 2016 and founder of KRUH, presents the long-term activities of the architectural association KRUH and the new publication on Czech architecture 2016−2017, that summarizes 30 of the best realizations by Czech architects in the last two years.

The focus of KRUH’s activities is an ongoing cycle of lectures on architecture by leading Czech and foreign architects and architecture critics. In addition to that, KRUH has organized excursions to contemporary architectural realization and film festivals as well as the Day of architecture, the festival on architecture in more than 60 towns and cities in the Czech Republic.

Marcela Steinbachová, who was in 2016 awarded for her own excellent creations the title Architect of the Year as well as for the education of professional and lay public in the field of Architecture the Architecture Award, was this year chosen to select the most important buildings of 2016 for the 18th annual Czech Architecture series. The aim of the yearbook is to give regularly a survey of the contemporary Czech architectural landscape.

The lecture by Marcela Steinbachová will be in English.

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The aim of the series “ARCHINT − Interventions in Architecture” is to make the audience in Berlin acquainted with interesting architectural ensembles, discussions about reconstructions, revitalisations and other invasions in the architectural as well as urban and public space in the Czech Republic. Many Czech towns and places experienced a long historic development, which is reflected in their architectural tradition. Contrary to German towns and cities, especially Berlin, they were not destroyed during the war and so every change today is an intervention in an ensemble, which is several centuries old. The events of the series present a selection of architectural interventions from different places in the Czech Republic as well as from different historical, political and social eras.





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14.05.2018 19:00


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