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05.02.2018 19:00

ARCHINT: The Panelaks

What do the results of a five-year research project about more than 50 housing estates in the Czech Republic tell us about the urban structure, panel technology, art works or living conditions in general? What are the current projects dealing with prefab housing and their heritage in the Czech Republic and how did the perception of prefab houses change since 1989? A lecture by architectural historian Michela Janečková

In 2013 the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague started the five-year research project Czech Housing Estates, supported by the Czech Ministry of Culture. The beginning of this project fitted perfectly into the growing interest of both professional and lay public in housing estates and the qualities and changes they underwent. After five years, this project researched more than 50 housing estates in the Czech Republic, introduced 14 regional exhibitions and published three books, one of them also in English. In January 2018 an exhibition in the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague was opened to disseminate the results of this research and officially conclude the whole project.

What do these results tell us about Czech housing estates? Is there anything special about them in terms of urban structure, panel technology, art works or living conditions in general? How do people perceive them after 1989?

The lecture will introduce the roots of a modern idea of mass housing, its reception in former Czechoslovakia and different phases of its realization between 1945 and 1989.

Michela Janečková (*1982) is an architectural historian and a PhD student at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. She focuses primarily on post-war architecture. In past she worked for the Centre for Central European Architecture (CCEA) and she is currently teaching at ARCHIP, Architecture Institute in Prague and at CIEE programme for American student at Charles University. She participated in the grant project “Paneláci” (Prefabricated Housing Estates in the Czech Republic as Part of the Urban Environment: An Evaluation and Presentation of Their Housing and Living Potential) in 2013–2017.

The aim of the series “ARCHINT − Interventions in Architecture” is to make the audience in Berlin acquainted with interesting architectural ensembles, discussions about reconstructions, revitalisations and other invasions in the architectural as well as urban and public space in the Czech Republic. Many Czech towns and places experienced a long historic development, which is reflected in their architectural tradition. Contrary to German towns and cities, especially Berlin, they were not destroyed during the war and so every change today is an intervention in an ensemble, which is several centuries old. The events of the series present a selection of architectural interventions from different places in the Czech Republic as well as from different historical, political and social eras.

The lecture by Michela Janečková will be in English.

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05.02.2018 19:00


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