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11.10.2018 19:00

archint 1918_2018: The Baťa Home ǀ Zlín´s Vanishing Architectural Elements

At the beginning of the 20th century Zlín was a small town with no more but regional importance. But then the Baťa family began to develop the shoe factory and build the company town nearby. Thus emerged an extraordinary example of a modernist city complex, but the architectural heritage is quickly vanishing under sediments of recent conversions. The presentation will introduce the book “The Baťa Home: Zlín’s Vanishing Architectural Elements” focusing on the residential architecture in Zlín, specifically on the family houses intended for the company employees.

Two of the authors of the book, Klára Eliášová and Barbora Vacková, will introduce the Baťa company’s housing policy of from several points of view: They will present the architectural types of the houses and the building technology, but also the social context of housing, the rules of renting and usage of the houses. They will show that living in these modern standardized houses meant also a specific life style which was determined and formed by the company.

Barbora Vacková is a sociologist focused on urban studies, sociology of home and sociology of dwelling. She works as an assistant professor and researcher at the Masaryk University, Faculty of Social Studies and Faculty of Education.

Klára Eliášová is an architectural historian and a member of the 4AM Forum for architecture and media. She is interested in industrial architecture and architecture of company towns.

The book is an output of a project funded by the Czech ministry of culture (NAKI II DG16P02M028).

The lecture will be held in English.

archint 1918_2018 is a series of events on the turn in architecture after 1918, after the establishment of the First Czechoslovak Republic. Young theoreticians of architecture will present their new projects on heritage and the courageous modern visions that have strongly shaped the Czech architectural landscape. In cooperation with CzechTourism   

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You can find the podcast here: https://www.soundtier.com/tschechisches-zentrum-berlin/archint-zlin




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11.10.2018 19:00


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