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27.05.2014 18:00

10 years of EU25: Is the bigger Europe a better place for life?

Ten years ago the enlargement of the EU has brought many hopes and new challenges. Soon after the EU had accommodated in the new situation, the politicians had to solve even more challenging moments, such as the global economic crisis in 2008 or the latest crisis in the Ukraine. The European project seems to be on the crossroad. One direction embodies further integration or even federalization of the continent, while the other can bring a strengthening of the nationalistic politics. Concerning such a decision, what should we learn from the last ten years? The first in a series of debates by Czech Centre Berlin and Czech political weekly RESPEKT should focus on such questions. In addition, the timing offers a great possibility to comment on the European Parliamentary elections.

Invited speakers: Ondřej Liška, Chair of the Czech Green Party, party’s leader in the European Parliament election;  Christoph Schwennicke, Editor-in-chief of Cicero; János Can Togay, Director of Collegium Hungaricum Berlin. Moderation: Tomáš Sacher, Czech political weekly RESPEKT and Karolina Przewrocka, freelance journalist, Warsaw

The debate will be held in English.


EU Enlargement: 10 years of the new Europe
Debates about the transformation of the continent

How much has the European Union changed since May 2004? The ten new member countries – mainly from the former „East“ – have joined the club with many expectations. Have those come true? And has the European integrity generally improved, or do we still struggle with bridging the gaps between the nations, left behind by the past decades? Should we even think about a further enlargement?

The series of debates scheduled for 2014 by Czech Centre Berlin and Czech political weekly RESPEKT aims to answer such questions. For three separate debate evenings we want to pick up the most important and most interesting aspects of the last decade in the EU. For each debate we invite one famous Czech personality to join the event in Berlin together with three local speakers (politicians, social scientists, journalists or artists). The first debate takes place on 27th of May.


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27.05.2014 18:00


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