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4.5.2018 18:30

Never Sol + Synth Library Prague – wilhelmstr./electronic

The concert series “wilhelmstr./electronic “ presents acclaimed Czech singer and composer Never Sol and a unique opportunity to meet the all-female team of newly established Synth Library Prague. Alissa deRubeis (S1 Portland, 4MS) and Mary C (Kreaton, ZVUK), founders of the new music safe space opened for international community of sound artists will present their goals and program focused on diversity in music.

18:30 - 20:00 Synth Library launch and networking
20:30 - 21:30 Never Sol in concert

Admission free


Through this project, it’s no wonder that Never Sol is seen as one of the most promising Czech musical talents in recent memory. Regarded by many as an apparition on the Czech music scene, she holds many other achievements. Her performance was noteworthy at the largest European showcase festival, Eurosonic in Groningen and earlier at the Tokyo edition of the prestigious Red Bull Music Academy. She provided music for the dance performance „The Wild” by director Jana Burkiewiczová and worth mentioning is also her involvement with Floex, the electro-acoustic project. As a singer and composer engaged in the dark waters of innovative electronic music, she fits perfectly into the concept and goal of The Prague Synth Library; to bring new impulses from musicians of different backgrounds, to continue exploring new territories of musical practices and technologies, and to create a caring and inclusive community of like-minded people interested in social change.

Never Sol’s meditative yet energetic music is a mysterious puzzle of carefully selected chords. The powerful sound of her compositions is tempting you to unknown places where the singer (born Sára Vondrášková), is smoothly and pleadingly calling into the depths of emotions with her unsettling voice. One moment open, the next reserved – that is her musical expression. Strength and tenderness are merging in her work, harmonious yet contrasting, to create a refreshing whole. Her musical creations are built on stable foundations, constructed by synthesizers and her voice. A voice which enchanted composer Jan P. Muchow, the man behind her successful debut Under Quit (2013). Having been nominated for a number of awards, and a worldwide rerelease a year later by German label, Denovali Records, her new album is something to look forward to in May 2018.


Within the launch and networking part SYNTH LIBRARY PRAGUE will offer a chance to connect and collaborate to all creative individuals interested in electronic music and sound art in general. The all-female team will present the history, the goals and the program of the project, that will officially open doors on the 8th and 9th May in Prague creative space _ZVUK_

Alissa deRubeis – musician, lecturer and founder of the S1 Synth Library Portland
Mary C – musician, curator, creative force behind educational platform Kreaton
Nikol Strobach – modular synth musician, lecturer, member of Bastl Instruments
Coast2c – DJ and producer, facilitator at S1 Synth Library

The Synth Library will host workshops on a variety of topics -- from the broad theories of sound and sound synthesis to detailed explorations of a specific concept or piece of gear. Also will have weekly open hours where people will be invited to approach the instruments in their own way, and can explore their practice with a facilitator available for questions. Visitors will also be invited to learn more about the practical side of building instruments, can attend DIY soldering workshops, and gain resources about existing synth communities and knowledge.

Moreover it will be a space filled with amazing instruments, books, and other resources run by women. With work and time it will also be creating a strong message and platform that can serve as a great base for all artists to learn, share, and collaborate as equals. It is a space to start building self-confidence as much as it is a space to learn new technology. The space should not only be attractive and at times overwhelming, it should first and foremost be liberating and supportive of one’s own way to approach it and express oneself. 

The Prague Synth Library can be found in _ZVUK_, a new creative space and open media lab for music education founded by Bastl Instruments, musician and teacher Martin Ozvold, and Kreaton, in partnership with film and animation school Aeroskola. Providing various kinds of workshops, courses, and lectures Kreaton is driven to provide educational opportunities and spaces to share experience for electronic musicians in Czech Republic.

This library, like the S1 Synth Library in Portland, is made possible by its partnership with 4MS, its local collaborations with Bastl, and the generous support of gear donations from an international community of makers. The initial collection includes 4MS, Make Noise, Moog, Mutable, Erica Synths, Hex Inverter Koma, Bastl Instruments, Hosa, and grows every week. Thanks everyone! 


Místo konání:

Wilhelmstraße 44 / vstup Mohrenstraße
10117 Berlin


4.5.2018 18:30


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